When Brendan and I started ATX in 2013, we had a vision for filling what we perceived to be a critical need in the marketplace - a business-focused technology consultancy that allowed emerging middle market companies to compete with larger industry peers.

As we reflect back on the past 10 years, we will be sharing insights learned along each year of our journey. This post is part one of a ten post blog series highlighting lessons learned each year at ATX. 

2013: Trust

People often ask us what it was like to start our own business.

It was not something we went into blindly and while we felt somewhat prepared there were certainly a lot of unknowns. 11 years ago, my wife’s company was acquired and her position was eliminated. We decided to become a single income household while she took a more active role in raising our family. We had three young children at the time and had just decided to relocate from Boston to Maine. I was also at a crossroads in my career. Either continue down the path to partner at a large firm or start a new venture. There was a lot of uncertainty as I balanced the excitement of something new and the familiarity and stability of the status quo. Fear and self-doubt are not good motivators when taking a massive leap of faith. Trust in ourselves along with the support of our spouses and each-other were what it took to overcome this fear.   

I had to turn off the David Gray

What are you going to do when the money runs out?💸

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