ATX Caliper Analytics Update

We are excited about the growth and progress of our Caliper BI platform over the past year. Our BI practice has exceeded 40% growth and we have seen rapid growth in every area: clients/users, ATX resources, source system integrations, partners, industries served, and most importantly, our great visualizations and analytics content. 

We continue to identify new ways to support our clients’ visions and needs, while we grow and develop additional capabilities, expertise, and our highly valued team. Our direction is supported by the larger overall trends in the global analytics market.

Analytics_MarketImage via Technavio

Why are we seeing this continued need for analytics? We see a couple of trends:  

  • A growing need to improve business efficiencies  
  • Wanting to better understand behaviors, which leads to gaining competitive advantages and identifying growth opportunities 

What is driving these trends? There are three key factors:   

  • The increased availability and complexity of data 
  • A realization that analytics tools are maturing and widely used in every industry 
  • The fear of falling behind competitors who better understand their data and respond more quickly to their clients and the market 

We are thrilled to be on the edge of such a dynamic, fast-changing technology landscape and helping our clients achieve remarkable results leveraging the capabilities of Business Analytics, while growing our practice and providing great opportunities for our team members. A true win-win. 

- Brendan